Enroute to Prague

What an interesting start to my trip. Two of my amazing girlfriends made it a road trip to the airport with a pit stop to Kristy Kreme for a treat for the rest of the ride there. I typically travel and fly on my all, and I realize it would be nice to have friends travel with me, so many laughs and jokes.

Then while checking my bag I run into one of my professors who is on the same flight! It’s a small world.
On my plane I scored a Window seat and an empty middle seat beside me so I could curl up and get comfy.

It was interesting to be on LOT Polish Airlines where the primary language is Polish. Out goes the comforting feeling of English everything, but I embrace the unknown and marvel at the different languages I get to hear.
I made a Canadian friend, Courtney, who is off to Milan to be a nanny for 1 year! We kept each other company for our multi-hour layover. It’s funny how you can build trust with stranger so quickly when you travel. That is one of my favorite parts of travel.
On a funny note, I thought I would be adventurous with trying unique foods and drinks at the airport when I got thirsty. So I got this iced tea…

..only it’s not iced tea. Seeing as I don’t read Polish, my guess from the packaging was that it was plum, honey and spice. I could figure out it was limited edition and I think it can be drank hot or cold (kind of like a spiced drink popular in the winter). Needless to say, my taste buds and tummy were disappointed.

xo Le Prix
(February 13-14)

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