Confidence is Sexy



Hey there hot stuff (yes you!),

The idea of ‘be yourself because everyone else is already taken’ is true, but why not think to be yourself because you are freaking awesome!? Since I was a little girl, I have looked at life as finite (probably a little morbid, I used to cry in my sleep because I was afraid of losing the people I love). From this, came my passion for life and making every moment count. So why would you not want to feel happy and content with yourself all the time? You are amazing, special and have something no one else can offer, because you are a perfect combination of your character traits and personality.

Find whatever makes you feel confident.. maybe it’s perfume, a pretty pair of shoes or a lipstick (or whatever else floats your boat). Make time for you to feel good and forget about all the rest.

Toodles, got to go put on my red lipstick and hit the road to explore Europe!

xo Le Prix


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