4 Countries in 10 Days


Hey again!
As I sit in the Stadion Mall in Vienna right next to the bus terminal I finally get a little time to relax, drink some tea and think about my amazing travels and day dream.

My bag is packed to the brim with new stuff for #leprix (so much I dread carrying it).


Now it’s many hours later and I’m on the train to Prague. Yea, train. The buses were booked up for the next 8 hours.. so we decided to catch a train. However while waiting for the train and sitting on the ground on our coats the police showed up asking us what we were doing and if we had tickets (no we are not homeless).


So I am stiIl on the move to Prague to meet up with a friend for a quick hello before catching a bus to head to Liberec for packing up all my stuff, sleeping a bit and an early morning to head back to Prague and then to Moravia for the weekend. This will be my last weekend before I head back to Canada.
Where did the time go?

And I have to mention this – when we had to transfer trains from Austria to a small town in Czech Republic and the underground system made no sense, this fantastic woman helped us more than she knows. She ran in heels up stairs and spoke to someone in Czech for us. Her random kindness is amazing and this is the only way I can think of truly thanking her.


Maybe she was kind or our fear of missing our connecting train with only 3 minutes to switch trains was written on our face. Either way, kindness never goes unnoticed.
Onward bound for more adventures!
Get ready for some gorgeous new items to shop for.

Xo Le Prix


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