The Good Times Keep Rolling

Hello again,
I’m on my first plane at Prague Airport headed to Warsaw, Poland.



The last 3 weeks have flown by, and I love my new experiences. However, Czech, Hungarian and Slovak are hard languages to learn do and pronounce. With the ending of another trip, these moments are always bitter sweet. Sad to leave a new place of wonder and adventure with my lovely boyfriend, and excitement to get back to my life in Canada (especially my wardrobe… living out of a bag can be a little monotonous).
I always find it interesting how traveling makes you happy with new experiences, languages and all things different from your routine. Simultaneously making you miss the comforts from home, friends and family that you are familiar with even your favorite foods (I cannot describe how much I miss my smoothies every morning).


School, friends, family and Le Prix are waiting for me at home. Some things are reasons to be excited to come home. I love adding new life ideals from my travels to my life at home in my every day routine.

Time for take off!



A little while later, Le Prix is waiting at the gate to board what looks like a very full plane to Toronto. The fashions I have seen have been interesting. Prague was pretty edgy, Bratislava was simple and Vienna was glamorous. Well I do have to admit that when I was in Vienna, the Opera Ball was happening where all the rich and famous go to a Ball in the gorgeous Opera Building. It was fun to watch women in gorgeous dresses, fancy up-dos and sparkly jewelry walk by in the streets. Kim Kardashian was there and we even saw camera crews following women around.
The whole city was a mix of low-key style and glamour.


So while I day dream about my travels and Le Prix Fashion finds.. I will listen to a crying baby for a cross-Atlantic flight (woo…).

xo Le Prix


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