Spring Has Not Sprung.. Yet!



Hey again,

The sun was shining, but it was a chilling -15 Degrees C today. Which means I got to work on Le Prix today! Lots of new goodies are up online and many more to come (www.leprixclothing.com). Meanwhile clients are already ‘dibs-ing’ their favourite pieces being posted. I don’t know about you, but this cold weather is getting to me.

So my feel-good strategy is to get some Birthday Cake flavoured anything (right now for me – David’s Tea). Some chocolate. And Pinterest search “Happy Quotes” (or check out my Pinterest Board designed to make you smile http://www.pinterest.com/RobynLePrix/quotes-to-make-you-smile/).

Here is a sample of quotes to make you smile, think, feel inspired, motivated and all things positive…

dc7b9d0d0e72160b53dcaac5ae57b439 f27bebf31fe01dcd061863409b8c36fe f0858992db06b847fac41d91eda9fef1 cbee83c3f7c7ac76e7add9b0a278d374 0bccd9abab3c0562fd89faaa4b53f1bf 6fe59f9f03a82916d3a2bf563a327316 f5b8510d5794d4d4456f8b997f43fb46

Sending you a virtual hug (if you need it) because hugs feel good 🙂

xoxo Le Prix

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