Expanding Horizons & Happiness

Good afternoon!

Today is another wonderful day. I hope you can find some positivity in your day too! My thesis on why people decide to shop pre-loved is in motion now. As well, Le Prix is expanding its client base more and more everyday. I LOVE helping clients find something they adore, and making life easy for them with my stylist services.

Today a client left with a large smile glued to their face.. and this is why I love my job. It took a while and a lot of energy to get to where I am, and still lots more to go!

These two quotes below are really speaking to me to day…

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Success is just a series of mistakes, trial and error until you get something right and then you stick with it! And of course, smiles and love make the world go ’round.

Also… professional photos from Delta Gamma AnchorBall finally were distributed today! Here are some jems:


I LOVED this purple silk and beaded French Connection dress as soon as I laid eyes on it in Budapest, Hungary in a little vintage store in the city centre. And of course I can’t forget to mention my heels are Dorothy Perkinsm also a fabulous find in Budapest. Girl time is so important to me and healing in SO many ways. Make sure to take time in your busy life to enjoy the company of others, who are good to you, and give you as much as you give them.

Good friends are priceless.

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xoxo Robyn Le Prix

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