Please Don’t Take My Sunshine Away

Today is a gloomy day here in Waterloo. I find myself sadly grabbing bits and pieces from my winter wardrobe to keep myself cozy in the roller coaster weather.
Two weeks ago I had a wonderful girls weekend in Toronto and I am dreaming for this weather again…


But until then, I will keep Spring Cleaning my wardrobe. I realize I have fashions from high school! At least 6 years old.. but goes to show if you buy quality pieces they can last you a long time. Since I am in a purging mode I have been sharing those pieces with my friends. One persons trash is truly another person’s treasure.


As for this quote above… I LOVE it! I recall years ago when I was building my wardrobe my mom said I didn’t have anything red in my wardrobe. Well of course I didn’t.. because I kept buying the same things. Have fun with your fashion, you don’t need to stick to one style. Mix it up and make it your own. And if you need a little help come to Le Prix, or on Instagram direct message me @RobynLePrix and I will respond within 24 hours and then I will encourage you to post your chosen outfit with #leprixmergency and#robyntotherescue.
Hope you have a cozy day despite the rain.
Xoxo Robyn Le Prix.


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