It’s Gonna Be May

A new month and that means a fresh new start to get your Spring cleaning on. That means purging those old fashions you haven’t touched in a year, and time to freshen it up with some new items.

Get some colour, soft fabrics, new textures and even patterns to perk up your wardrobe from drab winter colours.

IMG_20140501_122357 IMG_20140501_122419 IMG_20140501_122500 IMG_20140501_122438

Now that Spring (should be) is here, pair some of the old with some new. Keep a dark sweater from Winter and pair it with a bright colour or flirty patterned top. Just get creative!


Some of the best looks are totally different from the mainstream ‘in-style’ trends. And that is exactly what make you a knockout and memorable. I like feeling original, and having a wardrobe nobody else has. From fashions around the world, designers and amazing fabrics; my wardrobe definitely says “only me”.

Each and every piece at Le Prix gives you style, and if you need a hand, I am here! #RobynToTheRescue.. remember?

xoxo Robyn Le Prix


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