It’s What Lies Within Us

Hello my lovelies!

I know that bikini season is around the corner and if you are tight on time, or want to workout quickly and effectively I just did this workout this morning. Perfect for targeting the whole body and getting up your heart rate quickly.

Get those endorphins pumping throughout your body and your day will already be brighter.

IMG_20140507_175212_edit 38d4a38b43067f43dd91fd357842062cGold Sparkle Abstract

Now for a dose of all things gold and glittery at Le Prix

25852-3faf913a4610445598686c538f52ba3b25852-06e78936e47a4a508d90cee714b0fef4  25852-6315ee2865db49468a769cba61777a6725852-a9784405e44e4ea78a3cc4d9a1fcb328 25852-3cf1d6765e924e5fb2b9c607c14ca08e25852-5cda1a34dbaf4f93bd8f34925e149107

Have a fun sparkly day,

xoxox Robyn Le Prix


2 thoughts on “It’s What Lies Within Us

  1. what a sweet post! I cannot believe you have been doing fitness blender too! stephanie and I have really got into them this year… they are such nice peeps, as is seems to me over interweb videos. keep it up, keep fit 🙂

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    1. Thanks Bryn! Fitness Blender is amazing and they have some great videos. When I don’t want to go to the gym it gives me a great workout at home. Keep up your happy and healthy life too! 🙂


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