It’s Never Too Late



It’s funny how I have two outlooks on life. And sometime I forget that I do!

Life is short, yet it is never too late.

Life is a roller coaster and sometimes you get to places you never thought you could.. good or bad. As long as you can appreciate the moment or make a correction when you aren’t happy, that’s all that really matters. I think we are all hard on ourselves and sometimes we need to cut ourselves a break. Everyone is on their own journey and fighting their own battle.

I know that sometimes I need to be reminded of that. My awesome boyfriend tells me ‘different strokes for different folks‘. So simple and true, and it helps me rethink my own thoughts.

For me to regroup my own life, I have some me-time, pamper myself, get some exercise in, and have fun with fashion. It’s my own form of art and I have fun expressing my mood through it. Sometimes it’s edgy, or girly or glam.. whatever I am feeling that day, or even that moment.

Just remember to give yourself a break and take three deep breaths. You are enough. Life doesn’t always have to be so serious.

Here are some beauties that are drool-worthy at Le Prix to brighten your day!


xoxo Robyn Le Prix

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