Good Vibes + Good Times

Hello lovelies!

Today is another day for a fresh start! TGIF right?! Kick your mood into high-gear with this awesome (and quick) workout from Fitness Blender. I did it this morning and it got my heart rate up and a smile on my face.

After your hard work all week, you can take some time to give yourself a pat on the back and day dream about what epic adventures you may have this weekend. What fashion statement will you make? What activities will you get up to? What interesting people will you encounter? It’s all up to you!

I am heading to downtown Toronto for some Delta Gamma sisterhood time, friends and a birthday all in one day. It’s going to be busy and full of opportunities to make hilarious memories. No matter what vibe you want this weekend, here is a little Le Prix inspiration for relaxing, night out or beach day…

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As for me, I will be definitely doing some wardrobe changes for the different occasions this weekend. It’s more for my own excitement and enjoyment, but who cares.

I am a huge fan of 8tracks for what ever mood I am feeling. And this seems like a fitting playlist for a warm Friday.

Don’t forget to checkout my day-to-day life, fashion, inspiration and travels on my Instagram (@RobynLePrix) too. There will be some goodies for sure from what is to come. I will follow back so I can enjoy your weekend adventures too!

Remember, great things are right outside your comfort zone like this ADORABLE little girl dancing. My sister shared it with me.. apparently I did a similar MC Hammer ‘dance’ (yes dance is in quotations) and it reminded her of me when I was little.

xoxo Robyn Le PrixIMG_20140530_125505

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