Singing in the Shower

Good morning!

I hope you woke up with a smile on your face. I sure did. And if you didn’t, try listening to this song – Shower by Becky G Try not smiling during the chorus (la da dee la da daaaa). Its such a cute, bubbly song and I think this quote fits perfectly for this song of the day..


Well it is Friday and that means the weekend is almost upon us! Le Prix will be in a fashion show during the Summer Lights Festival in The District area. I’ll be modelling with 2 friends for La Femme Privee and Fine Feathers.. so come check it out at 10p this Saturday, June 20th.

In my last post, I shared a link to my 10 Second UpDo, and this is my boyfriend’s reaction to my video. I didn’t realize I would feel slightly shy and embarrassed watching him listen and watch me!


On a wonderful note, I ran into a friend who works at Bath and Body Works. It turns out she LIKED that hair tutorial on Le Prix’s Facebook Page and it popped up on her friend’s newsfeed. So she watched my video in disbelief that it would only take 10 seconds to do her hair. She loved it and shared with with her friends…and funny enough I got recognized for my video. It’s really the first tutorial video I have done and in 3 days more than 800 people have seen it! That was a big surprise for me.

On another note, as much as I love to look fabulous each day, I also appreciate looking great with minimal effort. So I am going to keep trying to think of ways that I get ready for each day and do it quickly and share it with you!

I will leave you with this simple and true advice:



xoxo Robyn Le Prix


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