Making Waves

Another great morning here at Le Prix, and I want to share with you a fun quote that a friend of mine shared, and it speaks to me in a big way. I think it is important to live your life for you and only you. Helping others is important, but if you are not doing things that make you happy, you will not be content with your life. After all, YOLO.


While working away on Le Prix and my Master’s Thesis Proposal I need some good tunes to keep me in the zone. This is a must-listen-to song: Waves by Mr Probs ft. Robin Shulz. It is perfect for summer driving with the windows downs, chilling by the pool, on a patio or even to wake up to and give you a mellow happy spirit. I am all about the positive vibes to add to your life to make you happier and zen.

Another thing that makes me happy? Crafting! I came across a yard sale and found an awesome vintage frame (with no back or glass) and paid $1! It was screaming a Pinterest-y DIY makeover for Le Prix. This was super easy and inexpensive.


Step #2.
Step #3.
Step #7.






  • Hammer (I didn’t have one so I used a thick glass bottle… resourceful huh?)
  • Nails (shorter ones like ones for hanging items on the wall – get a kit from the Dollar Store)
  • String (I used hemp string from the dollar store)
  • Clothes Pins (they came bedazzled.. also from the dollar store)
  • Hanging Wire (to hang the frame)




  1. Nail parallel nails on each side of the back of the frame (I did 5 on each side.. you can do more or less)
  2. Tie a knot of string on the top left nail
  3. Pull the string taut across to the parallel nail, wrap it around twice and move down one nail
  4. Repeat until all nails have been wrapped in string
  5. Tie another knot of string on the last nail
  6. Nail 2 centered parallel nails on the top of the back of the frame
  7. Wrap the hanging wire between the 2 nails and secure
  8. Now it’s ready to hang and decorate with items!


Now I hope I inspired you to be creative, or do whatever makes you happy.

Enjoy your day! xoxo



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