Work It Girl!

Good morning lovelies!

I hope you are having a wonderful start to your day. Le Prix has some clients visiting today and the evening will be topped off by a night of Salsa Dancing at the Flying Dog. I can’t wait to shake my hips, wear some flirty ruffles and act all sultry on the dance floor. I LOVE that being spun is involved in Salsa. How happy and fun is that?

If you aren’t into dancing, why not try this At-Home core workout (but don’t forget to start off with some cardio to warm up to prevent injury) by Fitness Blender. It’s only 10 minutes so NO excuses! You will be glad you did it. 🙂


It is “Throwback Thursday” so here are some shots of me modelling for Fine Feathers. It’s fun and I get to support another local female entrepreneur. I am wearing some Vintage Jewelry, some new, a fun hat and sexy skirt, a silk scarf from Milan, and a flirty one-piece swim suit. I play dress up every day with Le Prix clients, so this time it was my turn.

IMG_20140722_184858.jpg black hat.jpg IMG_20140722_190428.jpg 10509633_814933808517079_252140530305068125_n.jpg

Don’t forget to make each moment count today. xoxo



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