Hello there!

It’s a gorgeous Sunday and I am gearing up for a lovely week ahead. It will be great with friends visiting (and sleeping over… yes maybe we will watch the movie Sleepover, I love girly movies like that), a short week followed by some camping at Killbear, Le Prix clients and thesis work.

I hope you got a chance to follow your own footsteps and have some experiences just for you. I went for a walk and collected wildflowers (again) for a patio center piece.


We even had a bonfire last night and of course s’mores. We changed it up a little.. we took the Celebration butter cookies topped with milk chocolate as the graham cracker + chocolate. We got double chocolate. Nom nom nom…


As for campfire games, some easy ones we played that don’t require a lot of people are 20 Questions & 2 Truths and a Lie.

They were fun and I can’t wait to play them some more this upcoming weekend. Keep finding the fun opportunities each day, and remember….






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