Let’s Go One Deeper.

Good afternoon wonderful!

Life has been good and flying by. For instance, when asked what I have been up to, I get a happy feeling from the fun and interesting things I have been doing but my mind draws a blank. It is as if each day has melted into the next and all I am left with is a pleasant feeling. I mean, I can’t really complain. I try to enjoy the little things in life to remember when things are going great, to really appreciate it. You don’t need the tough times to be grateful for a wonderful day or experience. Although, I say that will many negative experiences under my belt. I still try to remind myself to be grateful for goodness on top of goodness. Just like you don’t appreciate your health when you’re healthy.. only when you are sick. You just need to rearrange your thoughts. From my post on my Instagram (@RobynLePrix),

“Stop negative thoughts at the beginning, that is when they are most weak.”

And if you are having a rough go, and are reading this and thinking, “this is so not helping..” why not check out this wonderful article:

13 Things to Remember When Life Gets Rough

I was doing Yoga yesterday and I am always inspired by the instructor. At one point, they were talking about how you should take this moment to just be. That you are enough. What you do is enough. And that the only guarantee we have in this world is that we will go. This touched me deeply, and I wanted to share it with you. It’s a classier YOLO, or a different interpretation of Carpe Diem. Anyway you look at it, each day is special. Please leave this post with a spark of inspiration in your heart to express gratitude to yourself, to people you love, to strangers. Positivity is contagious. And hopefully you will end up with that happy sensation of that unexplainable feeling of your heart growing in your chest (I hope I explained that well enough that you know what I mean).


Take time today and appreciate yourself. Everyone has great things to be thankful for, and battles they are fighting. Be kind. If you need some chill time, catch this awesome playlist on 8 Tracks which inspired this post’s title.




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