Sun Shining, Wind At My Back

Good afternoon Le Prix lovelies,

I am feeling quite relaxed after a wonderful morning. My good friend is now back from her work and travels in Europe, and I am so happy for her new full-time teaching position starting next week! We wandered the trails along a river near RIM Park in Waterloo and chatted. The best part was that we both love being outside and I can feel that this may become a happy tradition to chat and walk along trails. I don’t know about you, but as soon as I step on a trail, my disposition changes. It improves; I relax, breathe differently and feel revived. Just thinking about it is keeping the feel-good vibes coming.

Why not snag this outfit from Le Prix inspired by the wildflowers and desire to walk barefoot.

PicMonkey Collage

On another note, I am still packing. Thank goodness for 8tracks playlists for whatever mood I am in. Check out this one for some chill summer pop, indie and electronic.

My favourite song with a reflective happy vibe is this new gem (new to me, that is).

About a week ago, another great friend game me a beautiful purple rose. But now as it is dying I realized I needed to tidy it up. Exquisitely, the stem separated and the petals fell off in one perfect bulb. I realized these would be perfect to put in my bathwater and relax. I thought it would be a special treat and make it smell so pretty. On the plus side, here are some even better reasons why re-using your rose petals are great for you…

Beauty Benefits of Rose Petals
7 Natural Beauty Benefits of Roses

Go enjoy your day, maybe see some nature and have time to connect with yourself. After all, you are the most important.






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