Can’t Stop.. Won’t Stop.

Good morning Le Prix Readers,

It’s been a while since I posted on here. My life has been buzzing with moving, getting geared up for more thesis work, TAing and life in general.

On the fun side of things, this past weekend I went zip lining, with my boyfriend, mom and her friends. Check out some shots from that day…

XtqUYA4qNS1GDKM_VZGk8vFd5pZAb4VeJ9oE7OkpT4w,oP4ClD7rO4mCO1YBSTwnScRnVvmQPOZpQlgr7-QDLx8,zSRSQxH0PNK2Y-eAHavUYiyUyTkwjX-UqsXHPhUIDtU j_Opqf9LX-eDuqF1mk1yWTLKFIKZcaA5P9TlfGVUlXo,vSBev4Dukug7h2dVeSU-F4kJClZ9pVyOFADdTnvc--0 r2lnh2C_aW7hMGGzwMnkZUuaVtSz8yGUiK9JwMapUrs,UeeXodGWHxJUCKb7l_nmmaa6_LmeRPHCzZ-UGI7q0cc TmsbcC4StmEm0ZQVy9bkfRzQos0oB7YuaCvzwecP95o,gxSCsPEmbnuPtKmjA81LXGmymhXsGzWoajamwAEjaj4 6_cJ0H221nGN1YZGLd6Re6LH9Ebxr7wc3HkUsq776ws,EQQ9TLWUCSe8rVJSjXyQKeGL2mdsXV1lAS_gQ11Gexs,8IolinOvaJQzR7ALnDme61AlBEpOesTeLYJtEfd_KI0

Keep exploring, have fun, step outside of your comfort zone. It’s where the good stuff is. And how can you hear this from someone else… than just plain ol’ me? Ferris Bueller himself.

Who likes being ordinary? Be extraordinary. Le Prix wants to help! Here are some darling trench coats for fall. Yes we have a classic camel one too.. but that isn’t what this blog post is about today. Try this green In Wear coat (left) purple Marc Jacobs trench (center) or the spicy leopard one (right).

PicMonkey Collage

Do something different for a change.. you might like it (I know you will!). xoxo



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