Stand Taller Than The Trees.

It’s another fine day in Waterloo,

I find it a bit hard flip-flopping between the summer weather we get some days and the cool fall days we have on other days. So my Instagram is a mish-mash of Summer and Fall #OOTD looks. One trend I am loving right now is the graphics on tees and sweaters. Like this cozy nerdy bunny sweater I have.

bunny top

Although, we can’t always be a fashion DO. Exhibit A.. me post-workout on a rainy day. Workout shorts, rain boots and rain gear… so hot right!?


Since the bunny sweater photo was shot… I chopped off my hair. Also, I tried the style of a dress shirt buttoned all they way up (I have always loved it but never thought it would work on me)… I don’t like fitted things around my neck but I felt relaxed in a sheer blouse.IMG_20140930_185157

I also went to Pinery Provincial Park to supervise the Geography and Environmental Studies undergraduate 3rd year field camp for 4 days. SO fun.. chilly and lots of work but definitely a great experience. I love that about my program.. I can be in the field, in nature and still be working towards something greater. Nature for me is where I have my best “me time”. I can relax, unwind and listen to my own thoughts.

1798300_10154672169400587_41699844923968399_n 1888609_10154672171760587_8805266877462241293_n 1901355_10154672204015587_6670119981139797273_n 10406794_10154672187120587_3885464958543486106_n 10609495_10154672175665587_7629578562242987793_n 10636004_10154672165855587_6277668395206388249_n 10678539_10154672178935587_5915714035682752258_n

It is the weekend, and I finally have some time to myself. I recently got nominated for the Liebster Award by Jakki Blogs and my next post will me addressing that and nominating some other blogs! Thanks Jakki!


Enjoy this lovely weekend.. xoxo



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