I thought I would write about Oktoberfest here in Kitchener, Ontario (CANADA!). My boyfriend and I got in the festive mood with a mix of suspenders,a hat, flowers and lace (and of course, a Keg pillow!). I had fun looking for a vintage hat, turns out it is from 1977 and even has a button from that year.

Here is a close up of my Bavarian-inspired look. I wore a floral headpiece (from a friend), a cotton tee with gold sequin sleeves (Aerie), a vintage floral and lace skirt and thigh-high stockings with ruffles at the top (Betsy Johnson). Finally I added a blazer to stay warm, and a gold chain and leather studded bag (picked up in Budapest, Hungary) and some black platform heeled booties (Blowfish).

IMG_20141017_175803 IMG_20141017_201452 IMG_20141017_203953As soon as we got into Bingemans Kool Haus, we found this backdrop and wanted to take a group photo on some big barrels. The night was full of friends and fun. I had my heart set on finding pretzels and for some reason I kept missing them. Finally I found one person who worked there and followed them around the whole tent until I found them. As for the music, I definitely enjoyed it. There was a mix of a live band playing jazz and some traditional music, and then a DJ playing dance beats. My only other experience was last year at Concordia and it was also amazing. I sent a selfie to a friend in Germany who I visited in the Summer of 2013 and she suggested we check out the original Oktoberfest next year… hmmm… we shall see what my travels plans have in store.

Now Oktoberfest has come to an end.. and I guess that means the cool weather is officially here to stay. At least I love nature walks, especially with the gorgeous Fall leaves.

Enjoy this playlist and don’t forget to go out and enjoy this Fall weather before the snow (and really cold weather) sets in.




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