Nature’s Beatuy.

”I have an endless fascination with fall.
The way the world smells
like pumpkin spice & cinnamon.
& no matter how chilly it gets outside,
somehow you always feel cozy and safe.
& wasn’t it autumn when we first met?
I remember the leaves falling from the trees,
just as I was falling for you.”

-mckenna k.

I feel like I can say it is officially Fall. It’s getting darker earlier, the fashion color palette is becoming darker and the landscape is covered with gorgeous shades of changing leaves. As I write this, I have a mini pumpkin still remaining from Halloween… what does one do with a left over pumpkin? Smash it? Get the seeds to bake? Keep it until it is no longer good? Any ideas?

This past weekend at a party at my place, a friend of mine asked about my skin routine. It has definitely evolved over the last 24 years, but I think I found my perfect (and natural) balance. My skin is SUPER sensitive, it gets angry with me if I try anything too ‘out there’, scented or abrasive. I tried all the suggested options for dry and sensitive skin… but nothing seemed to work. But of course, if you go back to basics, the good ol’ natural stuff… you will be much happier (and save tons of moulahh $$).

So here is goes:

My body wash of choice is vanilla scented (of course.. it’s my favourite scent). I absolutely love the body wash I had in Spain, so much my sister sent me a bottle to surprise me for my birthday! Otherwise St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter Body Wash is divine.


But now that cool dry weather is here, I am moving to my ultimate favourite product. It’s great on the skin, biodegradable, organic, fair-trade and SO MUCH MORE. It’s Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Magic Soap (almond is my fav).


For body moisturizing, I love Live Clean Exotic Nectar Argan Oil Body Lotion (smells so yummy). I pair it (for the scent) with Spectrum Organic Expelller Pressed Coconut Oil. This one doesn’t even smell like coconut which I prefer. And you can even cook with it!

Pick this up at Shoppers Drug Mart.
Get this at Bulk Barn.










Based off putting on my face with what I cook with, I picked up some pure Argan Oil last summer in Spain. When I sadly ran out of it, I used the grape seed oil I cook with instead.


I always get a confused look when people realize I clean my face with oil. But the idea is that you replace the unclean oil with good oil. This link describes it more in detail, but since I switched to this method, I will never go back!

Well I hope this helps keep your skin happy, healthy and glowing. Time for dinner!

Relax this evening just as I am to this great Fall Playlist. I am feeling zen post-workout and sending all the good vibes your way.



3 thoughts on “Nature’s Beatuy.

  1. […] I was out at Swiss Chalet last night and my complexion got complemented on. A big thanks goes out to my boyfriend leaving me his used coffee grinds in the filter (this may sound sarcastic, but it’s most definitely not!). As I’ve told you, I am a fan of using things around the house that you may cook with or consume, on my skin. Yesterday, I realized my skin was looking a little dull and uneven, which meant time for exfoliation. BUT I am always weary of exfoliating my hypersensitive skin. So after I showered yesterday, I grabbed a handful of moist coffee grinds (see photo), and gently covered my face with them and waited 2 minutes. Simply rinsed it off and patted my skin dry and moisturized with coconut oil. […]


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