I Wish You Would.

You know, sometimes I take a look at Pinterest and wish there was specifically a Canadian Cold edition. I don’t know about you, but they have so many cute outfits to look at… yet are they warm enough for our Canadian Fall and Winter? Usually no.

Funny enough, as I am writing this, I am reading November 2014 issue of Fashion Magazine and the Editor’s Letter says, “Welcome to our polar vortex prep issue”. This is what I am talking about! I am SO excited to wear a pretty vintage fur coat I found at a yard sale while on vacation on Manitoulin Island. I have my down coat still, but now that I am allergic to feather, I had to figure out some options. Why wouldn’t I want to be warm, wear a recycled fashion and feel fancy in some fur?

I realize more than ever, after attending the Dress for Success event at Wilfrid Laurier University that I LOVE fashion and that I know that I am talking about.. which has been all self taught. I also learned that there are SO many ways to do something. Many ways to get skills or be a pro at something. It doesn’t need to be the traditional way. But regardless, you have got there and you have yourself and your determination to thank.


Just like experience, your fashion visually may tell a different story than what is actually the truth. You don’t have to spend a fortune to look like you have. I love helping my clients feel confident and look fabulous with pieces from Le Prix.

PicMonkey Collage
Clockwise from Top Left: Wine Wool + Feather Hat ($25), Knit Circle Scarf ($10), Kenneth Cole Wool Coat ($15), Joseph Ribkoff Dress ($24). All from www.leprixclothing.com

There is something so classic about the deep tones and monochromatic palette of Fall fashion. You can easily make a statement with an accessory, like this wine + feather hat, and a pretty berry lip color. I like Wet ‘N’ Wild MegaLast Lip Colour in Sugar Plum Fairy (totally affordable.. it’s $3!) and it is a dupe of MAC Rebel. You will still get long wearing color with great pigmentation.

A Le Prix Tip: Experts say the best lip colors vary by skin tone. Pale complexions look best with a sheer wash of color; darker complexions can handle a thicker, more opaque finish. BUT I don’t always follow this. I am palest of the pale, and I love opaque colors… so as I believe, do what YOU like not what you’re told.

Now for a funky song, to give you a good groove for the day:

That is all I have for you today! xoxo



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