Shine in Your Daily Life.

Good afternoon,

I may be the only one, but I feel like all I want to do it munch on sweets these days. Maybe my body is prepping for a cold winter, but I think this time around I am trying to challenge myself to take this winter to get a summer body (this is something I am attempting and feel it may stick if I make a proclamation).

This past week I was pretty ill, but now with rest, good food and tea (with honey!), I am feeling revived. To kick the stress I am feeling lately, I always like to go to yoga. Your stress relief may be different but yoga for strength is a challenge and brings me internal peace and relaxation. If that’s too yogi-granola for you, I really like these 8 yoga-inspired moves for your core from that you can blast your own workout playlist to.


This past weekend I went to the mall, which was a HUGE mistake, it’s crazy in there. And when did everything get so expensive? Or maybe I have just been a student for WAY too long. Either way, Le Prix is assembling perfect gift ideas from a stylist and they are killer designer deals. Go chem em’ out!

Today I am trying to up my productivity, and I have just the song that is helping me… and I hope it will help you. The tempo is higher and the piano is beautiful.

Today is your day!

Your mountain is waiting.


Get on your way!

– Dr. Seuss

xoxo signature.jpg

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