Make It Happen.

Things I want to do:

  • Take photos in a photo booth
  • Get my portrait done
  • Canoe the Grand River
  • Go to another Drive-In movie
  • See Passenger in Concert
  • Go to a Mumford & Sons concert
  • __________________
  • ………

I like the idea of having goals to always work towards, but why have a bucket list? If you can’t finish it all, you are left with dissatisfaction. We are always growing and changing, so why do we have to have this idea of a list set in stone of things you want to do or see until you kick the bucket?

Don’t get me wrong, I have lots of things to do and see in my mind, but life circumstances always shift. Life has some surprising and unexpected things it wants you to do or see. So why do we always want to call the shots? Sometimes we get so caught up in getting to the destination we mentally skip over the journey. We are glued to our cameras to capture this moment.

When I was visiting Spain last summer, a person I met asked me what I like to do, what were my hobbies. I realized I like taking photographs (I’m no pro photographer or anything, but it brings me pleasure). He countered by asking me if I realized that by taking those photographs I am creating a different moment than what it would have been without the camera lens I was seeing through. To be honest, at the time I found him abrasive. But he had a very good point.

The funny thing is, if I take a look at my list above, I have varying emotions abut each one. Some I’d like to do, others I have a huge drive to do them. Maybe it’s just that with life experiences (good and bad), you are shaped and forever changed and your priorities shift. With age, I feel like I am becoming more authentic with myself. Yes, myself. Of course being authentic with others is important to, but if you are not being true to yourself, evaluating the things in your life, your own thoughts, opinion on things.. what are you really doing?

In life there are things you must do. Work in some way to support yourself. Face your fears, not run away from them because today is the day to seize, and tomorrow is no guarantee.

This post is a little out of the norm, but I am left pondering these questions I have posed. Hopefully they lead you to a fulfilling journey too. Yes, we can get through each day with a brave face, but we all have real human emotions below the surface. I’m not sure how we got here, but it feels good to connect with those emotions and come to terms with them. Get off your technology devices one in a while and there you will find clarity.

Maybe life is like photography; you need the negatives to develop.



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