Sun Goes Down.

Mother nature likes to keep us on our toes. Winter one week, Spring another day and sending cute tiny flurries our way once again.

Today has been a day of balancing my ‘To Do List’ and staying in a motivated mindset. For me, some good tea and music help me stay on task. Check out this great song I have on repeat…

To be honest, Robin Shulz‘s whole album Prayer is amazing.

I am gearing up for more Le Prix clients, workshops, events, thesis work and life. In all this busy-ness, I need to remain balanced. Keeping great food and exercise for the mind and body is essential. When my stress levels spike, I go to yoga. Although getting time away from a screen is essential, I don’t have time and money to go to a yoga studio. Over a year ago, I scored an amazing yoga and meditation app by Lolo called Yoga with Janet Stone online for free. But realistically, how much it has helped me, I would have paid more than it costs. There are beginner, intermediate and expert levels with many days with varying classes. Relaxing yoga music, and verbal instructions (and videos to help you out, as if its a class) help me escape the demands of my life and what my own head perceives as demands. There are options for flexibility or strength classes and different meditation sessions for varying reasons. This app is my secret weapon and I hope you get all the benefits I do.

That’s all for now, trying to keep my balance and I wish the same for you. & don’t forget….




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