Hard Work Pays Off

Hey ya’ll,

After a crazy week (which isn’t done until TGIF..), I am finally having some time to write on the blog again.

Thesis research is finally coming along; lots of participants which I am very thankful for.

Le Prix has been making lots of new contacts and wonderful new clients are finding our social media accounts. One of the coolest things about having a fashion company, is how different clients can be. Some clients want everyday clothing, some need an outfit for an important holiday party or interview, some want to have gifts suggested for family and friends and some even want to shop for family and friends around the world. As a traveler myself, finding items from somewhere far away has a special appeal to it. Le Prix continues to spread around the globe! Clients visiting places like Jordan, Columbia and China want to buy gifts for their loved ones at their travel destinations.

On another great note, companies and individuals are finding the Robyn Le Prix blog and proposing partnerships and projects to collaborate on. Life is all about helping each other up and I can’t be happier.

HerCampus threw a fantastic event called #KnowledgeAndGlitter with StyleID, a cool app to help find TV character styles. It was a great chance to meet with women who love fashion. Seen below, I am with a dear friend from the blog A Chic Minimalist.


I was even selected as a Campus Celebrity .. check it out!


Now, I think it’s OK to officially call it Winter here in Waterloo, ON. The snow is here, salt is starting to wreak havoc on our boots and the wind nips at our faces. To keep your skin from getting flaky, don’t forget the moisturize! My favorite is still coconut oil. I put it on right after showering to seal in that moisture.

With all the layers, try to keep it fun with accents and accessories. If I don’t feel like putting on makeup, I just pick a lip color to jazz up my face. Why not throw on a pretty scarf or a patterned top and accessorize.

IMG_20141201_105123 IMG_20141203_110647 IMG_20141204_103327

If you still feel like you’re lacking in ideas for cute looks to stay warm, comfy or look fabulous, check out some of the styled looks from Le Prix’s Instagram.. almost one #OOTD a day! Simply add thick tights or a warm cardigan to carry Fall fashions into Winter.

fall skirt IMG_20141202_102020 IMG_20141203_105405 IMG_20141108_103135 IMG_20141117_141759 - Copy IMG_20141121_133923

That’s enough fashion inspiration for one day. Now don’t forget…


Believe you can, and you’re half way there. xoxo


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