Is This Love? (For Sports Fans)

Hey Le Prix Lovelies,

I am definitely a fan of themes. If I’m going to a sporting event, I like to throw in the team colors and still look cute. It was a pleasant surprise when I was looking for nice sports hats (for cooler Canadian temperatures), that I stumbled upon an awesome slouchy reversible blue and white LA hat. Blue is my go to colour and white makes my skin look brighter.

So how does one style a MBL hat? Well Le Prix has a fashion home run. Pair it with faux leather high-waisted shorts, black opaque tights and cute black lace-up wedges. To top it off, throw on a denim or chambray top, a faux fur vest and a stylish suede cross-body bag for snacks or maybe some free swag at the game. Don’t forget a pretty lipstick to keep it feminine!final sport look

As a stylist, I love a challenge, using flattering color schemes and making a statement. Le Prix can help you gain street style cred and MLB hats can help everyone with their game day style!

Enjoy the rest of your day, some baseball lingo and here is a positively relaxing jam for your enjoyment..





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