Le Prix Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


This is a good mantra to remind yourself each day. You are a work in progress and are doing the best you can. Sometimes we forget that. If you still find it hard to find some positives today, follow in little Jessica’s heartwarming footsteps…

On another note, today is another collection of Le Prix #OOTD ideas. Whether you want to be casual or dressed up we’ve got your style in mind. With Canadian cold weather, these outfits are styled for warm interiors. To add some warmth, throw on a pair of thick knit tights and a cute cardi or oversized scarf.

bb dajota
This outfit is playful with a full skirt and criscross back. LEFT: BB Dakota Dress $27, Bronze Glam Necklace $22, Gold Chain Bag $25. TOP RIGHT: Gold Calvin Klein Flats $10. BOTTOM RIGHT: Black Patent Sling Back Heel GUESS $15.
This look is simple for day, but if you take off the button up and you’re ready for a night out! LEFT: Satin Bustier GUESS $16, Gold Necklace $19, Tutu Skirt $17, Nude Heels XXI $12. RIGHT: Chambray Button Up $20.

Which look do you prefer? Any other style questions you have for us? Write us in the comment box below!




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