Le Prix Until the End

Sending you warm hugs today!

I have been slowly leaking photos from a fun photo shoot with Le Prix Goddess Emily. For fashion, you should always feel fun and confident (don’t forget comfortable in your own skin). Pictured below, Emily takes the playful tutu skirt and makes it flirty and laid back with a chambray button up and gorgeous smile.


TOP: Gold necklace $19, Chambray Button Up $20, Italian Leather Bag $45, Skirt, Ankle Boots & Satin Boustier Sold.

BOTTOM: Taupe Cutout Heels $12.

When Le Prix clients are shopping, they tend to gravitate to what already goes with their current outfit. I think everyone knows what is best for them, sometimes they just need a little encouragement to dig deeper and listen to their intuition. But if not, we have free in-store stylists to tend to any request or desire you have for the sake of fashion!


While you channel your inner fashionista, blast this fun playlist, and maybe browse the fabulous fashions at Le Prix. 😉 www.leprixclothing.com.

Enjoy your day… is it so close to the holidays, I can taste the gingerbread.




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