It’s Le PriXmas Eve Baby!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


I am feeling truly blessed to have my special loved ones in my life. It’s interesting — as you get older, your wish lists become shorter because we want the things we can’t buy. Giving is something that I have grown more and more fond of. Giving people surprises or helping those less fortunate helps you see what truly matters. You should only look at someone else’s grass to see if it needs watering. And if you’re caught up in the stress of the holidays, last minute shopping, too much food prep for that awkward family get together you’re dreading, here are some great ideas to be happy now.

BUT if you’re just stressing about what to get someone last minute.. Le Prix has you covered! Below are 3 customized looks for different ages and styles.

deanna cassieHillary

I must be off! Time to make some fresh baked goodies. Happy holidays and blast this playlist to up your festiveness.




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