You Are Enough, You’ve Done Enough. Show Yourself Some Appreciation.

Happy holidays!

I think I can speak for everyone and say, phew… I am tired and indulged a little too much this holiday. Between my family and my boyfriend’s, we have had 4 Christmases, in 3 cities, 3 chickens, 1 turkey and a plethora of tasty treats. After all this, I felt like a blob. This is due to lots of sitting at tables chatting and catching up, driving to other cities and throwing my fitness routine out the window. BUT, now that things have slowed down, I finally have the time (and energy) to get back into it. Although, I know we are still busy with life and work, etc. So why not fit in a quick high intensity workout from my fav, Fitness Blender. Don’t forget to warm up and cool down.. but here is a video I did yesterday to get me back into the workout routine. Warning: this workout with make you sweat, grunt and burn (but it’s worth it).

While you’re at it, why don’t you blast this playlist to keep your spirits and energy high.

So I know New Years Eve is only a handful of days away, so why not try to get your fitness routine underway now and save yourself the pressure of a New Year’s resolution. Besides, these workouts you can do at home, for free and avoid the crammed gym time. I find that when you make a declaration on Facebook, tell your friends or maybe comment on this post, you will hold yourself more accountable. Shed that winter weight, look and feel better and start dreaming of the return of warm weather (this is coming from a Canadian).

Now what to wear for NYE? Le Prix can also help with that! We have a lovely selection of apparel for anything from casual to an elegant night out. And save your money for the evening and a cab ride home, by shopping our insanely low prices. Here is an idea we threw together on Le Prix Girl, Emily.

LEFT: Season 6 Stripe dress ($21), necklace, sold. RIGHT: Max Azria Silk Cutout Dress ($35), rose gold clutch ($17) and GUESS croc pumps ($28).

If you still aren’t convinced.. check out our Sparkle Section to get your glitter on, when the ball drops.

& don’t forget …




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