Le Prix: Limited Edition


Hello lovelies,

I found a funny moment from a few weeks ago, I forgot I captured in a photo. Some good friends were getting married on a Sunday afternoon, and on the way home from celebrating the couple tying the knot, my boyfriend Gary and I decided to do our grocery shopping. Now picture this, we live in Waterloo with two universities and one college. The Sobey’s crowd is usually people in their Sunday casual clothes, or student in sweats and hoodies.

Now here is me —

                     Rocking heels, a dress and full on fur.

I will admit, it was fun to feel so fashion forward (and warm!). Life is short, why not shake things up a bit and wear all those beautiful & special pieces hiding in your closet. You bought them for a reason and you feel good in them.

As for today, being my casual Sunday, I threw on some skinny jeans, black boots with gold hardware (I love them to bits), a red and navy striped 3/4 length top. I’m not sure about how you are, but I like to give my hair a rest — so a ballerina bun and red lipstick with gold jewelry gives some personality to an otherwise simple outfit.



I took Bill Blass’ words to heart and enjoyed the attitude and classic look of wearing red. Now this is just one suggestion — a monochromatic look of black and white can look classic as well. Or pretty much anything else you set your heart on. Feel good, walk with your head high because you are you, and that means limited edition.


Take these ideas and rock your style from Le Prix. We are looking forward to fashion shows, photo shoots, new clients and travel for new inventory. 2015 is going to be a wild ride!




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