A Vision for The Future Le Prix Boutique

Hey there,

It is a dream of mine, to have a (better yet…at least one) Le Prix store front, where people can walk in and make appointments (whatever tickles their fancy!). When looking on Pinterest and Instagram, I am so inspired by the brightness and simplicity of lots of other people’s homes. So I’ve collaborated with Modani to create the perfect look for the relaxing area that I hope will be in the future Le Prix store!
room style hh

Accessories can make or break an outfit, just like they can for a home. Whether it be statement earrings that add the finishing touch to a dress like a statement mirror pulls together a room. Or fun heels pull together the perfect casual outfit like a patterned area rug pulls together a sofa set. At Le Prix, we infused the room with some wonderful pieces from Modani and (of course)  Le Prix.


Working towards what you want isn’t always easy, but it’s worth the work. Each day, I take steps to make my future goals happen, and so should you. Enjoy your Sunday!




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