Life Means Something — These Things Really Don’t Matter

As the new year marches on, we remember (hopefully!) our new years resolutions, create mantras to live by and new goals to set (or reach). But February is also a great time to take a review of the things we’re wasting time, energy and stress on.

These are just some realizations I have had or heard…

  1. Keep only those people who give to you and you give to them, in your life. If people are not adding to your life, they are taking away from it. Mutual respect, love and appreciate is so much more special than 200 friends.
  2. Wearing matching socks or intimates. One day we may find the Narnia of missing socks. But today is not that day.
  3. Making plans with people you don’t actually want to see, to do things you don’t want to do. Obligation relationships aren’t beneficial for anyone. And even if someone you adore is inviting you out, if you’d rather take time off to give yourself some me time, it’s best to just say no.
  4. People who have different views from yourself.. don’t waste your energy or time trying to convince someone who is set in their ways.
  5. Do more fun things, less stressing about one’s dating status.
  6. Don’t value yourself based on your LIKES or followers.
  7. FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). We’d rather focus on truly enjoying the things we are doing.
  8. Wearing shoes that aren’t comfortable. Hobbling around in pain taints the experience. (that’s coming form me, a heel worshiper).
  9. Get off your phone! You’re missing the life that is going on in front of you!
  10. Losing that last five pounds. So many things taste better than skinny feels.
  11. Feeling guilty about going to bed too early. True love means never having to apologize for your REM cycles.
  12. Cleanses. Let’s call it like it is, the are less about health and more about quick weight loss — and if that’s really the goal, there are healthier, longer-lasting ways to achieve it.
  13. Planning something #epic for every special occasion. Simplicity is key, it leaves room for spontaneity, less stress and more fun.
  14. Trying to make everyone happy all of the time. Do what you can, and forgive yourself the rest. And perhaps take some time to focus on making yourself happy.
  15. Learn to say no. If it’s going to overextend yourself, it’s not worth it.
  16. Don’t listen to music that brings you down. Find (or create) a playlist that makes you invigorated for your life, this moment, RIGHT NOW!
  17. Don’t frown… your face will wrinkle along those lines and will last a lifetime. SMILE! Even if its a fake one, our bodies are conditioned to truly start smiling and enjoy those positive feels. 
Learn from the guy who really invented YOLO

Hope this helps! Anything you would add?



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