Fashion Shows for Positive Change

Hey lovelies,

Sorry to be MIA for a bit.. it has been a great couple of weeks here at Le Prix. There are 3 separate charity fashion shows we are involved with, and we have been giving our website a new makeover.

content march 10

Isn’t the above quote so true? I’m not sure if you got to see the special surprise at the Valentino show... but it’s creative fun and shows how much versatility fashion shows can have. Also see the Karl Lagerfeld / Chanel protest.


As for the upcoming shows — I wanted to make a clear way for you to join in on the fun with Le Prix and see the shows if you are in the Kitchener-Waterloo region!

Fashion Show Details

Phew that’s a lot going on! HerCampus WLU also has something brewing that Le Prix will be a part of, and this Thursday Le Prix will be participating in a Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium.

There is never a dull moment! Keep doing what you’re doing to advance yourself. Go in the direction of your dreams!




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