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Good afternoon,

As I am at my desk trying to focus on my statistics, it’s hard to tear my attention away from working on Le Prix. Do you ever get so wrapped up in your work you forget to eat? I know that I am working on my passion when I experience that (not that it’s good…), and it provides the momentum to work even when I’m at the tail end of a bad cold. Last week I was invited to be a guest speaker for Her Campus at Wilfrid Laurier University. If you are interested in how I became an entrepreneur, how I do my marketing and my experience with my own struggles, check out the video below:

I know it goes on for about 15 minutes, but I had a lot of questions they wanted answered!


Wondering how you can get a head start on the life of your dreams? You just need to realize how much you want it. I truly believe anything you want it possible. You just have to want it that badly. But if you still aren’t sure where to start let me give you a few little tips..

  • If your plate was completely clean… what would you put back on?
  • Prioritize! You can say NO to things. Stop saying yes when your inner monologue is really saying no.
  • Spend each day doing only a couple things. Multitasking too much throws your brain into overload and you are less effective at everything you are doing.

Take some time to mull over my points while listening to this wonderful track. It’s Spring (finally for us here in Canada), and the sun is out, and it’s time for new fresh beginnings. I don’t know about you, but I feel so incredibly inspired and motivated and all things positive listening to this inspirational message.

Create the perfect time… xoxo



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