Europe on a Shoestring Budget

Hey there!

So as I said in my vlog… I was going to write up how much is costs to go to Europe (although I underestimated by about $200). Keep in mind, I have finessed the skill to find deals on flights, accommodations and have made friends around the world (some through Couch Surfing… some not) to help save me money while still having an epic and memorable trip.

I went to Amsterdam and Spain (Malaga, Granada and Sierra Nevada) for 8 days in February and got to spend Valentine’s Day (for the second-time) with my boyfriend in Europe AND celebrate my birthday (again) while I was there. Luckily I have designed my life to be able to live happily and follow my heart. I only hope I can help do the same for you.

So what did I buy?

February 14, 2015

Tram Ride €5.80 (for 2)

Old Dutch Cheese Bagel & Pea Soup 20

Waffles & Visit the Red Light District 9.50

Valentine’s Day Dinner 71.13

February 15, 2015

(My 25th Birthday!)

Taxi 29.45

Hotel €32.83 + Hotel Tax 1.48

Coffee 4.20

Beverages & Toiletries 3.40

Drinks On-the-Go €9.90

Other Days & Expenses

Groceries 6.97 (broccoli, chicken, carrots, garlic, olive oil for 4.. yeah I knoooww)

Hammam Al Arab Bathhouse & Massage €25 (student discount)*

Snack 1.50

Sushi 10

Alhambra Tickets 30 (for 2)**

Sierra Nevada Ticket 45 + Rentals 43

Lunch (on a patio in the mountains) 11.45

3 Course Lunch 14.80

Makeup 9

Penthouse Apartment in Malaga City Center €20 (per person/4.. we got a free upgrade)

Stamps 2

All My Spanish Essentials, Favorites & Gifts 45.75 (splurge)

Parking 5.20

Food in Malaga 16

Taxi 20

Hotel in Amsterdam €29.03  + €2.75

Return Flight from Toronto to Amsterdam & Spain $824.77 CAD

Total Spent? $1533.52 CAD

This isn’t that much for you to save up for… think about it — $128 a month or $32 a week.

So where did I get my flight? Well I searched for many hours and on different days. Sometimes it went up and I like to think of it as playing to the stock market. You need to feel it out if this price at the moment is the lowest it will ever be. But a great inexpensive site I used for the first time is Fare Depot. To be honest, I was actually very skeptical of this site at first. Even when we “booked our tickets”. I say that with quotation marks because when you give them your credit card information to book the flight, you are actually only reserving those seat tickets. You have to wait up to 24 hours for the awesome people at Fare Depot to work their magic and get those tickets for you at that low price and then they will send you a confirmation. It’s just not as instantaneous as I am used to.

Keep in mind, some things like the hotel I split with my boyfriend .. and sometimes it was a room for 4 just – for us… it is always cheaper traveling with someone, and it’s fun to share in the experiences. Then you don’t need a selfie stick.. unless you want one. That’s ok too.

*Don’t forget your student card! Even if it is expired… they can be overwhelmed at the language difference and knowing you are a tourist, they think you will pay for anything. Winning!

**Get your tickets ahead of time! There are limited quantities and if you get them the day of, you can get stuck waiting in line just to find out you still can’t see it that day.

I am sure since this is a fashion and lifestyle blog… you are also dying to know what I packed? Again, I have finessed packing such a little – but functional – amount of clothing and other essentials.

Stay tuned for my next blog post to tell you more about what to pack! (I need to rack my brain for that one..)

… and remember:




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