Gold Rays Shine Over Your Life If Only You Look For Them

cgeq_ENDp6nmRWGLHffYgPXnEFPglSJ9ZqH3q65Ww7Ethrow-glitterIf you are in Canada, and some lucky countries around the world, TGIF today means the start of a long weekend! It may rain, but that just means you are wearing the wrong clothing. There is always something good, even if you are just getting some mental downtime.. breaks are essential. Weekends are sacred, especially if your workweek often includes late nights.


To keep this sweet and short… like we hope this day is to get to the good stuff..

Here is my outfit today:

Lipstick Kiko Exotic Shine Lipstick in 04 (Paris)

Knit Pullover GAP

Anchor Necklace Pre-Loved

Silver Ring St Jacob’s Farmers Market

Skirt Pre-Loved

Navy Pantyhose no clue where I got them… Zellers before it closed?

Ankle Boots Springfield [Spain]

Bag Steve Madden [from Le Prix]

2zt2pZpAGqj4FXmxm0le6xmu-duQyxLL-B-20ogYdqUI’m not sure about you, but I know that if I am going to be up to some fun stuff during the weekend, I like to give my body a rest and wear comfortable street style outfits to make it more fun dressing up. If you haven’t tried it… I recommend it!

On another note, we all know our skin needs to breathe. So if you are going to be wearing lots of makeup at parties or special events, make sure to give your skin a breather. I swear by coconut oil to moisturize my face day and night. Today I used it right out of the shower since I find the water drying and irritating. I then put on my natural sunscreen and then if I feel like it I throw on some tinted moisturizer.

Your pretty eyes also need a mini vacay. Let your natural lashes show to let your eyes have some down time. I have these almost invisible blonde eyelashes without mascara and it wasn’t until I went to Denmark two years ago and saw how beautiful women were there in their own way and without a peep of makeup on. It was then and there that I promised to love my natural lashes. That’s why I love a bold lip so much more! I get to have this blank canvas with one pop of color.

To get the party started a little early I want to share this playlist that brought a smile to my face and had me tapping my foot while doing tasks.. it will help keep you perky and in a good mood while you work away.


Have a great weekend! xoxo


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