How to Squeeze Exercise in your Jammed Packed Schedule


We all know the beach weather is coming and if you are like me, you have very limited time to actually fit in intense workouts. I found this awesome 5 minute workout video from Women’s Health.

Here’s the low-down: The workout consists of 5 exercises where you put in 100% for 50 seconds, doing as many reps as possible. Rest 10 seconds. Start next move. Easy, tough and quick! Find more five-minute sweat sessions right here.

Today’s Outfit

Lipstick Dior | Necklace Pre-Loved | Top Ann Taylor | Skirt Ardene  | Tights Le Prix | Leather Boots Anne Klein


On another note, I am so lucky to have amazing and sweet people in my life. A friend of mine went to visit her friends and family in China and brought me home a cute Chinese New Year calendar.

Check it out! hipster-arrow


This same friend invited me to visit Flower Pot Island near Tobermory, Ontario in June. We will be doing lots of hiking, camping and spending time in nature. Ahhh… I feel the relaxation already. COFlowerpotIslandTrails_1L fp2 urlI swear by making time to be in nature as something that keeps me healthy and happy. Plus its hard to be lazy when you are surrounded by amazing formations and scenery. Today I will be going for a hike after my workshops for Le Prix and physiotherapy. Enjoy your day!
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