Nature Fosters Accomplishments

So I have been getting some great advice from my physiotherapist lately. He is so zen and wise I know I need to learn a few things from him.

I have chronic back pain and the flare ups are bad. Since I started the sessions, I am learning stretches and relaxation breathing to reduce bodily tension. It’s quite miraculous how the body houses external stress in muscle tightness and pain.
Even when doing the stretches, I have been told I am not doing them well.
So I finally got in the routine of doing the stretches, but now I need to give these relaxation moves 100% of my effort.
Ambition is a double edged sword. You are working to accomplish so much, but the body can suffer under all the demands. Which mine definitely is.

  So what can we do to help the body and mind to stay in tip-top shape?

Stretch. Those muscles can get tense and stay tense from over use, lack of use (i.e. sitting at a desk all day) and external stresses. Yoga, or simple stretches help keep you loose.

Meditate. It’s tough stuff learning to settle your brain to actually think about nothing. Once you master it, you can learn to carry around that happy relaxation feeling all day. Go get your om on.

Be social. Easy, right? Take time to see your friends, family or even encounter new people. Whatever you enjoy doing in your personal time – do that. Laughing with good people and enjoying company of others who make you happy will improve your mood and well being.

Stay physically active. Treat the body to what it is meant to do – physical work. The more you use it, the better it becomes. Ever heard of the phrase sweat it out or great things called endorphins? Well be active and feel them at work!

Spend time in nature. The fresh air, the break from the bustle of the city not to mention increased feeling of relaxation. Nature is like getting a massage and a power nap in one. Not convinced? Click here, here or here for more benefits of being outside. I went to check out the Healthy Valley Trail at the edge of Waterloo yesterday and it was glorious.


Now for some daily fashion inspiration…

Today’s Outfit

Top Aqua | Pants American Eagle | Flats codia | Gold Jewelry Gifts from family

cjFJVnwBSpFN-6AukrhGEKRv09jNn9eb_doxwEZ0X6QI have gotten some great responses today on this brightly hued blouse. The color screams Spring and apparently The Hamptons. I am not going to argue anyone on that one! But If I can actually get to The Hamptons one of these days… this shirt is going in my bag!

Hope you practice self-care, because I know I am trying my best do to it. Let’s do it together! If you feel like sharing, let me know how you take care of yourself. Enjoy the rest of your day and maybe take some inspiration from this quote:

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