Tips for Last Minute Camping Plans

This post is all about Canadian camping. Because once the warm weather comes, we all love to retreat to nature, have fun with our friends and family and refresh our minds. Camping comes in many shapes and forms. You can do back country, serviced (or unserviced) camp ground – which I call car camping, trailors and RVs or even yurts. It’s all about what you have and want.

As I talked about in a previous post, I was planning on going to Flower Pot Island on Georgian Bay in June. We were going to camp on the island, but with only 6 campsites on the whole island… we did not plan ahead enough. What I have found is that typically one of the nights you want is available but not the other (such as a full weekend).

So… what to do when you want to go somewhere and you can’t.

First of all decide where you are planning on going and then if you want to go to private or Canada Parks. I love Canadian Parks because they are around the good stuff! I am talking about beautiful natural features like lagoons, beaches, formation and forests.

camping info
This is the main page to find camp sites and availability all over Canada. Note: some places book up in the first hour reservations are opened each camping season.

By Map – If you know generally where you want to go, this is the best way. Today we were looking to go to Flower Pot Island, but only June 19th was available but we would have to go after everyone was done work around 5:30p and then drive ~3 hours. Then we would have to take a boat to the island to get to our camp site. Turns out the boats stop running at 5pm from Tobermory. So we had to find a plan B.

20 minutes from Tobermory is Bruce Peninsula National Park of Canada and we will be staying at Cyprus Lake in the Tamarack sites. I am very excited about this. The parks website are great to help you find the top things to see, no matter what park you go to. For us, it will be the Grotto and Flower Pot Island in the Fathom Five Marine Park. … and people say Ontario is boring.

Ron Swanson knows what’s up

You just need to drive a little away from the urban sprawl and venture into the foliage. I can’t wait!

cypr1us-lake cypru2s-lake cypruhs-lake cyprus-lake gI found these photos from Trip Advisor from people’s feedback on their experiences at Cyprus Lake. Did you know you could find out about natural parks from Trip Advisor? Well now you do!

This trip, I feel, is going to help me reminisce about my travels, hikes and nights slept on the beach on the Juan de Fuca trail on Vancouver Island. I guess I should dig up some photos of that trip and share them with you.

I am a city girl when I am in the city, but I know how to let loose, and I have a whole other lifestyle that appreciates saying bye to electronics and looking fashionable and pulled together. But I do have a whole other outdoor wardrobe. So maybe the fashion maven in me just gets transformed into someone who like utility over visual appeal.

Ok so you haven’t even planned 3 weeks ahead…

Google holds all the answers in the world. You just have to use the right search keywords. Let’s say you are driving in an RV or even in your car and you are stuck because you are tired or you thought you could drive up to a park and get a campsite just like you would ask for a hotel room on the spot.

You may be in luck! There is a website specifically for free ‘campsites’. I say it loosely because they include places you can stay for free, given you have something to sleep in (a car, tent, whatever).

free camp
Here are a few free spots in Ontario with a quick search

If not, in a pinch, the EnRoute stations or other service stations are great places to park your car, recline your seat and get some shut eye. I’ve done it lots of times on my road trips with my brother.


Going camping is fun and you get to escape a bit of civilization and the concrete jungle… and whatever else you personally like camping for. Try to plan ahead, but if you can’t, these tips should help you out to make it work for you.

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