Coconut Oil Is Old News, Check Out An Even Better Oil

I have had sensitive skin since I can remember. I didn’t grow up with a huge presence of hair and makeup in my house. My mom never wore makeup and styling my hair as a little girl consisted of blow drying my hair in the winter, where I would say, “blow dry it more!” (I wanted the waves only at the back of my head to disappear).

But as my friends got into hair and especially makeup, I was entering a world where I new nothing about. They had such pretty scented things, fun makeup colors and even body products that I had never experienced. On came dark eyeliner, self tanner (only once, I learned my lesson), exfoliators and face creams. At this same time, my skin was getting angry, red and sensitive. So my thoughts were, ohhhhh I need products for sensitive skin. So on I went, fighting my red sensitive skin with more products. This went on for years, but the makeup died down.

Now I enter University. Again, not much has changed until the end of my undergrad. It’s hard to remember exactly when, but I think what happened was that I was so busy with school, Le Prix and my extra-curriculars, I ran out of my face products and with no car, I was stuck with finding an at-home alternative during winter.

I remember how soft my hands would be if I got some olive oil on my skin. So I ventured into the kitchen, poured some on my hands and put the oil on my freshly moistened skin. This went on for a while, but I realized my skin was so dry I needed something thicker and heavier. I had heard great reviews about coconut oil, so I ventured out and found some. I even wrote about it a while back. I still adore it, but now I have a new love.

Coconut oil is my base oil (yes I put more than one type of oil on my face). I use it in the mornings after I shower (under natural sunscreen), and I use it at night before bed. The key element I have found for bedtime is rose oil. OH. MY. GOODNESS. If you don’t have any, go out and by it now. SERIOUSLY. It works miracles. It heals your skin, leaves it dewy and fresh.¬† Apparently there is a whole slew of other benefits I just found out.

For those of you afraid of oils, this one may be a great option. It soaks into the skin so quickly, it leaves the skin a little tacky, not slippery and not too shiny. However, I don’t think shine is a bad thing. Shine¬† is moisture on your skin, which means slower aging. I have no clue how shiny became a bad thing. It saves you the worry of wrinkles down the road.

I bought my first small bottle of rose oil in Granada Spain in an organics shop. But I know natural food stores have a very pure form and not anywhere near the price of any product at a ‘high-end’ beauty store. At first I thought this small bottle would disappear in mere weeks, but I use it every day, sometimes twice a day for the last 5 months and it is still going strong.

Since then, I have had compliments on my skin. I used to be self-conscious of my redness but since I have cut out the products, and stuck to oils as my cleanser and moisturizer, it has wildly improved.

What are your thoughts on stepping up your skin routine with oil? I’d love to hear!


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