Summer Concert Style Guide

 Screen-Shot-2014-05-25-at-11.22.45-AM-196x300 1639075712_1_1_1-242x300Country’s time to shine is the summer, so you can bet your bottom dollar that all of the big summer country hit artists will be making their way across North America playing the anthems of summer.


A few weeks back I went to see the Lady Antebellum Take Me Downtown Tour at the Canadian Molson Ampitheatre with Sam Hunt and Hunter Hayes.

There was a chance of rain, it was a hot day but supposed to cool down at night and we had seats that weren’t covered.. so what to wear was a conundrum.


For country concerts, you want to elude a very carefree, laidback summer vibe, and the best way to do that is with floral sundresses, lacey rompers, touches of leather, dresses that are flowy, fun, and give a little Sounthern hint to your look. All of these are great to match with a cute pair of cowgirl boots too!

I decided not to get too country with wearing cowboy boots this time, but I did wear some boots. I paired this with a skirt and a loose sparkly tee. I brought layers in my cross-body bag (tights, a denim jacket & a waterproof shell). Done! Ready for ANY weather that may come.

For hair, you can curl it, braid it or if you are not feeling like doing anything (like I did), go with a natural wave and if your hair is too straight.. add in some sea salt spray to give you texture. Voila!

Me & my friend Ali (right) waiting for the show to start!


I was lucky enough to score VIP floor tickets (row 10!) thanks to an awesome friend of mine, to see Shania Twain Rock this Country Tour. This was a last-minute, rush from meetings, drop-my stuff-off-and-head-to-the-bus-to-make-it-just-in-time, kind of concert.

PicMonkey Collage
Shania wowed us with her voice and entertainment. Plus here is the wonderful friend Tans who graced me with this pleasant surprise.
What to do in a time-crunch situation?
  1. Grab your travel bag for makeup essentials (and makeup wipes)
  2. A toothbrush
  3. Clean panties
  4. Dry shampoo
  5. A coat & scarf to layer
  6. Make a mad dash out the door!

I made it in time to get the the Air Canada Center, grab a drink and a seat and have about 5 minutes of downtime before the show began.

Waiting for the bus in style

What did I Wear? A cute flower cobalt A-line T-Shirt dress with lace t-shirt sleeves, and leather cutout, lace-up sandals.. again with a packed-to-the-brim cross-body purse.

The whole vibe at these concerts is to feel good, and have a good time. Enjoy it and if you have any other questions… shoot!

I’d love to hear how you get ready for a country music concert.




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