3 Incredibly Useful Gadgets

I am no techie by any means. To be honest, I am not an early adopter, or even part of the early majority – I would say I am part of the late majority of innovation adoption. Despite this, sometimes I can be wooed by some cool things, but usually they have to have some great utility for travel or a perk for the environmentalist in me.

It’s been about a year that I was impressed by some items and as I mentioned.. I didn’t jump at the chance to write about them, I waited, mulled it over and decided I still liked the idea of them a while later, and now here I am.

Awesome Item List:



Charge your smartphone or tablet with the Nomad 7 solar panel from GOAL ZERO. Compact and easy to carry, it includes a mesh pocket for storing equipment during the charging process. With the Nomad 7, your device will be charged and ready to be used between 2-4 hours.



The world’s best travel jacket! It comes with built-in Neck Pillow, Eye Mask, Gloves, Earphone Holders, Drink Pocket, Tech Pockets of all sizes. If you watch their video – I think you will be sold too.


PicMonkey Collage (1)

        Pvilion joined forces with Tommy Hilfiger to design and make a Solar Powered Jacket! The jacket features removable solar panels that provide energy to power electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets when you’re on the go. Not to mention I love the color and the plaid panel.

That’s all for now! I know it’s not a large exhaustive list that is common to see around Christmas, but who wants to read that much anyway?

What other gadgets are you eyeing? I’d love to hear!



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