Dining Advice, Part Two — Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly Restaurants in Kitchener-Waterloo

A friend came to visit and wanted a tasty salad and this was perfect.


Waterloo Region is a meat-eater’s paradise. It’s farm country, and thanks to its Mennonite heritage, much of the local cuisine is influenced by German and Eastern European traditions. If you eat sausage, you should be sure to have some while you’re here. However, if you’re vegetarian , it’s often difficult to find anything besides pizza and pasta on local restaurant menus. It’s even tougher for vegans. Herewith are my best tips for local vegetarian/vegan eating. For vegans, these recommendations are just starting points, however, in that I didn’t have time to contact individual restaurants to enquire about specific ingredients. Thus, if you’re thinking about going for Indian, you should call first to make sure that the restaurant you’re considering will make curries using vegetable oil instead of butter. Or, if you’re going for Thai, you need to ask the server if the vegetarian pad Thai sauce contains fish sauce. You…

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