Packing Tips for Laid-back Camping

So I am writing this as I am packing to head to Long Point Provincial Park. I’m going to camp for 3 days and 2 nights for my boyfriend’s 27th birthday. The funny thing is, the weather has been so finicky today with pouring rain, threats of thunderstorms but they are short lived in that area thanks to Lake Erie. So here’s hoping we don’t have to stick under a tarp all weekend.

My tummy is rumbling since I haven’t eaten lunch, so this will be a quick post!

What Clothes to Bring

All these items will be packed in a backpack, so you can save on space.


Waterproof Shell

2 Tank Tops

2 Sport Bras

1 Scarf

1 Pair of Boots, and Sandals + Socks

1 Sundress

1 Sweater (like this MEC fleece)

1 Pair of Shorts, and Pants/Tights

1 Swim Suit

1 Cover-Up (like my silk oversize blouse)

1 Sun Hat & Sunnies



Don’t Forget

It’s up to you but I prefer fewer products & natural options. But don’t skip on these necessities: Sunscreen, body wash (of some sort), shampoo & conditioner, hair brush, bug spray and of course a flashlight.



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