How to Easily Pack for a European Vacation

It seems that lately everything I am doing is under the gun. I say this because it’s my boyfriend’s birthday and it’s 6:22pm and I am leaving tomorrow at 2:30p to make my journey to Europe! This trip, unlike all my other ones, is not backpacking. I am heading to France, Italy and Spain with my mom and with that comes a level of comfort. I’m talking direct flights, no hostels and hiking backpacks. Once could say a more comfortable way of traveling.

So with that, I have a new little scenario for packing. I can bring a suitcase with it… yes a suit case. Although, I am still packing on the extremely light side to leave tons of room for items I pick up for Le Prix (and maybe myself, let’s be honest).

So… what to pack for 3 weeks?

Here is my pile of stuff from 2 years ago when I backpacked Europe for 2 months with just a backpack on my back after Undergraduate graduation. Funny enough the purple pattern dress in the front center is the dress I am wearing as I write this.

These items are great for backpacking. A little more casual and comfortable.

Now I am 25, ending the summer with two government programs under my belt, Le Prix growing more than ever, working at the Laurier Graduate Student’s Association and doing freelance graphic and website work.

my 2015 Packing List

Clothing & Accessories

5 Dresses (a couple dressy for dinners and what not)

3 Skirts (1 Maxi)

1 Pair of Shorts

1 Sweater

1 Oxford Shirt

3 Tank Tops & 3 T’s

4 Bras (2 Sporty) & 1 Bandeau

2 Pairs of Stockings (for those cooler nights in Paris)

1 Pair of: Heels, Sandals and Ankle Boots

1 Denim Jacket & 1 Waterproof Rain Coat

9 Pairs of Panties (don’t forget some seamless pairs!)

 3 Pairs of Socks

2 Cross-Body Purses (1 to use & a backup)

1 Cotton Scarf

2 Swim Suits

1 of Each in Gold & Silver: Necklace, Glam Earrings, Studs and Rings

Sun Glasses & A Hat (optional)



Coconut Oil for Moisturizer, Hair and Soothing Burns

Toothbrush &Toothpaste

1 Bottle of Small Shampoo & Conditioner (you can always buy more)


Nail Clippers / File

Lip Balm

Tampons (just to get you there & then buy more)

Face Wipes

Hair Ties, Bobby Pins & Clips


Take a small Pill bottle and mix all of your meds to save space

Here is WHat i’m bringing

All my stuff is ready to go. Hint: I store my accessories in a cute clutch that I can use for nights out.
I left a ton of space in my bag, and even packed another large Calvin Klein duffle bag inside to have more packing room on the way back. Also, the pink leopard Betsey Johnson bag is my personal item for the planE which has my purse inside it. So much room to buy things!!

Don’t forget to photocopy everything, and keep the numbers of your Passport, etc written down and I like to be extra careful and keep it in my email too.

I am so excited and I hope you find these tips helpful. Comment below if you have any more questions or let me know how packing goes!

Ciao for now!




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