4 Signs You Need to Overhaul Your Wardrobe

This has happened to all of us at one time or another..

1. You have a full closet and “nothing to wear”

– you’ve gotta love everything in there to feel amazing each and every day

2. You’re afraid of high heels

– well-made shoes should kill your feet — NOT! Test out heel heights and structures like stacked heels or wedges

3. You’re afraid of flats

– somewhere along the line the Devil Wears Prada or Tyra convinced you heels are the only way to go. But if flats are showing up on the red carpet and on the Prada runway, flats are doing something right

4. All your denim is ripped

– we aren’t hating on distressed denim but consider an update with a dark-washed straight or skinny legged jean which goes great with tank tops, blazers and pretty tops

Tips to Cleaning Out YOur Closet


Let me know if you’ve fallen victim to any of these! & if you like stuff like this, subscribe to www.leprixclothing.com to get fashion tips & ideas along with deals from Le Prix.


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