2015 Fall Wardrobe Essentials


Fall has officially fallen upon us!

So of course that means to start bringing out the layers and all things Fall. I love this season because of the pretty romantic color palette, vibrant colored leaves and the way they crunch under your feet as you walk. It brings me back to when I was younger (and smaller) when I could jump into a big pile of leaves and feel like I could lay in them forever. Now I am looking forward to pumpkin-flavored everything, pulling out my boots and enjoying the crisp fresh air.

With a new season, comes new outfits to play up your style and personality. As a stylist and the owner of Le Prix, I am here to save the day! Follow this guide to your guide to key Fall wardrobe pieces:


Look forward to leather (real or faux) jackets, denim, deep jewel tones, and over-sized coats. Your jacket will be the first thing people see on you, so be sure to make it one of the centerpieces when crafting your fall wardrobe.


Leather is an absolute must this season, and  I am loving the hint of retro and boho feel that’s going on. But it’s taking a different approach by being on the bottom portion of your outfits. Think skirts with some buttons detail or simple in design. They can be dressed up or down. I love a cozy sweater, tights and booties.


Dresses are one of the greatest aspects of fall fashion. There are so many styles and pattern mixtures to choose from. Again, toss on some tights and voila, you’re good to go. Be sure to choose a dress that expresses your awesome personality.


Delicate or chunky knitted sweaters will be everywhere. Cream is classic and in the neutral or gem tones are divine. Especially since I am Canadian, when the cool weather hits, I try to mix two great things – sweaters and dresses. YAY for the sweater dress.


 Choose between animal print, dark leather or structured styles depending on your mood that day.


Solid and print knitted scarfs are best. I mean who doesn’t love digging through a pile of scarves to match your layered outfit of the day – #fashionista !


Who doesn’t love cute & comfy flats? They have been everywhere on runways and in magazines. Flats with fun prints or color can give your fall outfit contrast. Flat boots will be everywhere too because they are a great way to edge up your look.

Stay cozy & let me know how you like to dress for Fall!


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