What to Pack for A Trip Out East

It’s October in Canada, which means Fall is fully here. Since I am heading out East to Nova Scotia (for the first time!), the weather is looking a little ornery with some drizzle and cool evenings.

Cape Breton

So as a fashion-lover and travel fanatic.. what do I pack for 6 days? Well for starters, I need warm and waterproof items since we will be heading to Cape Breton, and I have no clue what we will get up to while we are there.

My Packing List


 ♥ A Water / Wind-Proof Coat (I will be wearing it there)

♥ 1 Pair Denim, 2 Pairs of Other Pants, 2 Tights (for warmth!) and 1 Pantyhose

♥ A Pretty Sweater Dress (it is Thanksgiving afterall)

♥ 1 Pullover Sweater,  1 Long Cashmere Cardigan & 1 Denim Jacket

♥ 2 Tunic Tops

♥ 2 Tees

All the clothes I will be bringing .. I pack light to shop for Le Prix!


♥ 1 Cozy Blanket Scarf (yes it’s that big)

♥ 1 Large & 1 Small Cross Body Purse

♥ 2 Pairs of Boots (1 Leather, 1 Faux)

♥ 1 Pair of Sunglasses

♥ 2 Necklaces (1 Long & Dainty, 1 Glam), A Couple Pairs of Studs & 1 Watch

♥ A Knit Hat & Cashmere Gloves

Less is more because it’s nice to grab and go!


The key is to keep your clothing generally simple and versatile so you can mix it up with accessories.

Well now that I have laid out all my pieces it is time to pack them in my luggage.. and I can’t wait to arrive at the airport in Halifax and surprise my brother for Thanksgiving! He knows my mom is going, and has  no clue that I will be right behind her! He surprised me two summers ago at my cottage in Quebec on the beach at night (yes – I was terrified when some guy started running at me in the dark).. so it’s his turn to be flabbergasted.


Enjoy your long weekend!


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